Supermarket and hotel equipment.

Greenday is active in the field of shelves and refrigerators for Supermarkets, Mini Markets and other similar businesses as well as in hotel equipment.

High quality, durability, aesthetics and adaptability to the specifics of each space.

Alouminum Systems

Green Day will provide you window and door systems with a new range of energy-efficient aluminum systems. Aluminum high- performance systems are created and designed by the best manufacturers.  To upgrade the energy-efficiency of your commercial and residential projects Green Day has the capacity to provide the following energy efficient solution:

Office partitions
Folding systems
Rolling Shutters
Thermal Opening Systems
Opening Systems
Thermal Sliding Systems
Sliding Systems

Solar Systems

Green Day practices the “think green” philosophy in the field of Solar (PV) Systems through two broad business units, those being EPC Construction and Project Business Development. Green Day recommends, surveys, builds, installs and maintains high quality Solar Systems.

With the mission to provide an integrated and holistic service to its clients, Green Day takes full responsibility at every project stage in order to deliver solar systems that are “ready to go”, ensuring for its clients the easiest and most convenient project completion without any last minute surprises, hitches or delays.

CVMORE’s product ecosystem merges technology, energy efficiency and convenience. We are pioneers in designing products using state-of-the-art technologies and we are committed to developing reliable and affordable product lines which improve everyday life.

AEE Technology Inc. is a market leader in the development of professional, advanced and innovative electronic recording technology and equipment, since 1999. AEE’s lines include drones UAV, action cameras like MagiCam and special recording equipment for the police. AEE is a pioneer regarding the wireless transmission of sound and vision, as well as for the picture processing technology and smart controls. AEE products are distributed globally to more than 55 countries and regions, mainly through large chain retailers.

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium is a special product that is worth your attention. It’s an exceptional solution for those who wish to enjoy music or phone calls without being distracted from their surroundings. The term “Titanium” is used to refer to the headband’s durability and flexibility.

Aftershokz headphones’ innovative advantage is its sound transmission technology. Utilizing “bone conduction”, sound travels through our eardrums and our facial bones simultaneously. And we’ve taken the concept to the next level: we developed a suite of proprietary audio technologies and design patents and we created our revolutionary headphones which deliver unrivaled situational awareness and comfort.